It was 1973 when the Rodriguez Brothers followed their hearts and established Australia’s first family owned and operated Spanish butchery.

The Rodriguez family hail from a long line of artisan butchers from the region of Llerena in Extremadura, Spain. Rogelio Rodriguez Snr and his wife Elvira arrived in Sydney during the 1970’s and promptly began producing quality, authentic Spanish smallgoods. Now a father and son team, they continue to uphold the family name, using the best meat cuts and traditional recipes passed on from one generation to the next.

The trouble with being a pioneer is that you pave the road for others to follow. Our brief was simple – help Rodriguez Bros. reclaim their position as the authority in premium Spanish smallgoods.

The new identity was inspired by what others could not imitate – the family’s story – their legacy. Drawing inspiration from the four generations of Extremaduran butchers who made the town their home, the logo captures the uniqueness of their story. 

True to the Spanish nature of being passionately proud, everything from the town’s distinct skyline, the family coat of arms, even the brothers themselves have been forged together into a family emblem rich in history and meaning. All held together by the family key, symbolising the secrecy of the family recipes.