Si tu fermes les yeux, tu peux entendre les libellules batifoler d’un nénuphar à l’autre...

If you close your eyes, you can hear the damselflies delicately fluttering from one lily to the next...

You are in the Cognac region where Pampelle is distilled along the quiet banks of the river Charente, deep in the heart of the French country.


Pampelle Ruby L'Apero is an artisanal liqueur, exploding with the fresh fragrance of Ruby Red Grapefruit that reveals the spirit and flair of French Savoir-vivre.

An infusion of natural botanicals, macerated citrus peels and eau de vie, that will transport you down to the Riviera for a moment of delicious living...


Inspired by the French toile de jouy fabrics and layered with meaningful discovery, the branding is a balancing act between the baroque craftsmanship and the azure dreamtime.


Sourced from the Mediterranean Island of Corsica, the perfumed Ruby Grapefruit is an exciting fresh take on a category dominated by bitter orange.


The Ruby Red Grapefruit is illustrated to capture the intricacy, detail and authenticity of our unique product whilst denoting the red sunset, synonymous with the Apero time of day and the emotion of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

The typography pays respect to our French heritage, sliced by a vibrant ruby grapefruit; A slap in the face of traditional sophistication, over a backdrop of Mediterranean seaside bliss... the taste is fresh and identity is bold.


It’s understood the French are the rightful owners of the Aperitif occasion, but the Italian brands have been the ones to dominate the category... until now.

Chic, cheeky, and truly French, Pampelle’s sexy and sophisticated aperitif reclaims the late-afternoon nip.


A fresh and minimal styling inspired by the vintage Riviera postcards and Cannes Film Festivals posters.