Nusa Caña – a tropical island rum with a history as old as the forests of its birth.

At Nusa Caña’s heart is the strong, rich Indonesian Rum, known as Batavian Arrack. Centuries ago this evocative spirit was tipple of choice for European society, it was the first international rum, and is the godfather of the modern rum industry.

With their packaging design already in hand, the guys at Island Beverages commissioned Boldinc to go beyond the bottle and create an exciting lifestyle driven platform to launch Nusa Caña rum in it’s native Bali and  bring back the forgotten story of Indonesian rum.

Bali captures the culture of modern Indonesia, an eclectic melting pot where ancient culture sits among modern day adventure. A place where everyone with an open mind and relaxed attitude is welcome, where you can spend your days trekking through jungles as old as time itself and your nights at the latest pop up bar.

Creating a branded look for all launch material and collateral through to social media worthy activations and aligning Nusa Caña with like-minded local and international lifestyle brands. 

The brand guidelines – inspired by Balinese wood carving, a modern Balinese bible where ancient days meet modern nights.