How do you capture the essence of an experience? How do you emotionally engage with consumers via the senses?

These were the questions posed when creating Sensory Lab.

By truly understanding a city’s culture and its people we begin to truly understand its DNA, from the beaches of Sydney, to the night markets in Hong Kong, the street hawkers of Singapore and the urban oasis of London – Sensory Lab has captured the essence of each city in a bottle. 

Collaborating with New Directions – trusted experts in the field of blending essential oils – Boldinc started by attending a masterclass to better understand the properties behind fragrance and infusions. Of all our senses, our sense of smell is extraordinarily emotive. A fragrance can transport us to another place in our minds, and in our hearts. Our sense of smell takes us on a certain journey, unlocks memories and past experiences. It is playful, adventurous and a powerful emotional connector.

The Sensory Lab is a feast for the senses, and expresses our driven curiosity to connect emotionally with our audience through more than just physical design.
— Tobias Lord, Managing Director