At the heart of every Italian city there is a town square and it’s here where the true spirit of the city and its people come alive.

People come together, drink coffee and enjoy the simple things. This is the Italian spirit, the map way of life.

We want to take the hype out of coffee.

It’s a category filled with snobs who over intellectualise one of life’s greatest simple pleasures. When did things get so serious?

We passionately believe everyone should be able to enjoy a cup of steaming, delicious coffee every day. So we pour our passion, unchecked, into making simply the best coffee possible!

— Map Coffee

Map’s modern Italian spirit comes to life through black & white photography of spirited people enjoying life’s simple pleasures. The aim: shake up the capsule category by taking the hype out of coffee, creating a brand that is friendly, approachable and doesn’t take itself too seriously.