Dare had been doing great on the market from a volume point of view, but the image and association of the brand made it hard for Dare to be at home in an office building that was no longer under construction...

Dare’s well established ‘flavoured milk’ range TVC

Dare’s well established ‘flavoured milk’ range TVC

Take away coffee and iced coffee are poles apart. While take away coffee speaks of quality and maturity, iced coffee is steeped in playful hedonism, and lacks REAL coffee/barista credentials.

Creating a social currency

With Australia’s rapidly growing coffee culture embracing more varied ways to enjoy coffee, we worked hand in hand with the client to open up and develop some modern, relevant territories to help re-define Dare with the more discerning coffee drinkers. The ‘Cold Pressed’ process was by far one of of the most intriguing ways in and it resonated very well with coffee drinkers who considered ‘Cold Pressed’ Coffee as a legitimate alternative.

To really deliver on the ‘Cold Pressed’ process it was only fitting that Dare’s latest offering should feel cold in the hand, so we developed a bespoke aluminium bottle to showcase refreshment and generate a level of social currency among new and established cold pressed coffee drinkers.
— Jarrod Robertson, Creative Director

Taking it beyond the label, and to the streets... 

To get the word out there and generate trial, you need to be where your consumers are. We developed the concept of Barista bikes to deliver icy cold coffee to needy CBD commuters on their way to the office, making sure that Dare cold pressed would be their second coffee of the day. Each bike was an educational piece, explaining the cold pressed process in a matter of seconds.