There’s nothing we love more than a good cuppa in the Boldinc studio, so when Tetley came to us with their packaging challenge we did what we do best, put the kettle on and talked it over.

What became clear is that although Tetley is well known, it’s considered a ‘nanna’ brand that lacked relevance amongst tea consumers. Their black tea range was in strong decline and needed fixing – pretty quickly.

The updated identity harnesses the pride & strength of the Tetley brand – intentionally steering clear of fluffy glows, lens flares and halos that are prevalent in the category and allowing a multi-level emboss to make it sing off the pack. The packaging drives craftsmanship through typography, with each variant having its own distinct style and personality relevant to the product to provide ownablity to combat the monotony of soulless own label pretenders.
— Jon Clark, Creative Director

Tea is all about releasing flavours! We used this as our creative vision for Tetley fruit and herbal infusions range.

The Tetley team had a great new product format to start us off – both the pyramid tea bags and a more upright individual shape pouch to differentiate us in the category.


From design, to typography to watercolour paintings - every aspect of this job in house and something we are proud of, allowing people the opportunity to showcase their skills and be able to sit round a table together working through each step of the design process.

Green tea reinvented...

Most green teas have a traditional influence, we wanted Tetley greens to stay true to the category’s authenticity but explore a fresh new lifestyle look and feel. Moving away from the usual supermarket expectations, aspiring to a more retail, lifestyle, homewares feel.


Breaking away from the supermarket shelves. Introducing the Tetley Classics range, a premium player that’s right at home in coffee shops and hotels.

Boldinc continued to elevate the core brand by building detail and craft to support the logo. The classics range was a great opportunity to bring the tale of Tetley’s two founding brothers – Joesph and Edward to life on pack.