What does luxury mean to you? We’ve found it means something different to everyone.

The way something looks, how it talks, what it feels like and even smells inspire us all differently. So it seemed only obvious to try and capture how we are engaged by our senses, how the heart takes over the mind.The combination of our strategic thinking and design expertise often lead our design process, supported by intuition and simple common sense. But we also passionately believe there are some hard fast rules that create truly successful luxury brands.


We have developed a collection of beliefs called the ‘Principles of Luxury’ that we inherently live by when working with luxury brands. Our collection of luxury principles have been brought to life through our Vol. 2 Luxe booklet, highlighting a journey of luxury through beautiful photography, portfolio pieces and some stunning print finishes. We wanted to create a thought provoking, beautifully crafted design piece that showcases the heart and soul of Boldinc and the principles we design to.


With time, a caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly; a lump of coal becomes a solitaire... beauty is subjective while rarity is not. Good things take time to create and require time to be enjoyed. Relationships are developed steadily, forging an authenticity and honesty that cannot be hastened. Moving beyond the product and the provenance, the richness of capturing time exceeds all material pleasures.


There’s soul at the core of every luxury brand. Never lose sight of this. Understand its origins, its journey and its ultimate destination. Nurture your brand’s heart and soul through that journey. Allow it to inform everything it touches and conjure the strongest of desires along the way.


Look beyond the obvious, be one step ahead of what  others are thinking or expecting. Remember that things aren’t always as they appear. Push the boundaries, challenge the norm, be surprising and see just how far you can take your brand. Afterall, luxury is a  journey best enjoyed through layering and discovery..


If you would like to own a copy of our Luxe booklet Vol 2, please let us know at officeadmin@bold-inc.com