When you think about it, cider and wine have a lot of similarities.

Both are beautiful in their simplicity; fruit is harvested, crushed, then fermented. Quality fruit combined with the knowledge and expertise of the cider and wine makers, influence the difference between rocket fuel and a heavenly drop.



When the Jacob’s Creek team and their expert winemaker Rebekah Richardson approached us with the idea of producing a cider made from apples and grapes, we knew this was something we wanted to be a part of.


A thorough immersion in the beautiful Barossa Valley paved the path for naming, graphics, bottle structure and consumer activation. These were all developed to capture the best of both worlds – the relaxed refreshment of cider with the sociability and taste of wine – it was more than a fusion, these two ingredients were so perfectly balanced, we dubbed it ‘the marriage of apples and grapes’.


Such a unique product is deserving of a bespoke bottle structure. Crafted to fuse the semiotics of wine with a feminine edge gives cut through on shelf to create a credible and sophisticated cider that breaks free from the faux farm, painted type and frivolous quirky personalities that had overtaken the cider category.


We perfectly captured the essence of Pip & Seed in its bespoke packaging, but our vision beyond the pack has enriched the progressive brand personality, creating a genuine unified brand story, influencing communications and consumer activation.



Pip & Seed has successfully carved a new sophisticated segment within the growing Australian cider category. Appealing to both cider drinkers and wine consumers alike, the initial figures are promising a very sucessful first summer season.