The smell of freshly roasting coffee filled the street as customers and staff buzzed around the place like worker bees and brought the surrounding industrial area to life, a beautiful sensory overload.

These guys were kicking goals with their amazing coffee but their identity didn't show any of the soul and passion that they put into their work everyday.

We popped our heads in for a cup of coffee, and pretty soon we went to work on capturing the essence of their company.

As we watched them go about their craft, roasting, blending & bagging their beans in the humble workshop, we chatted further. What we found interesting was how they combine their two loves, jamming as a band while the beans roasted & cooled. This became our inspiration…


The new identity reflects their craft and passion, and captures the sensorial experience of Numero Uno coffee – it flows like a musical note, tumbling beans, the aroma of coffee, the swirl of milk. For the packaging we delivered a cost effective solution by printing branded matte white bags and a variety of blend stickers printed in small batches to allow the guys the flexibility to experiment with new blends, limited edition and single origin roasts.

The branding even works upside down!

I’ve always seen my coffee journey like a love affair – the more I become involved, the more addictive and dynamic it becomes.
— Gina Di Brita, Founder,
Numero Uno Artisan Coffee Roasters