30 years ago, Dr Roebuck (father of the founders Zoe &  Kim) developed a skin product that was effective and safe to use on his twin girls with sensitive skin.

Believing that beauty and skin health is from the ‘inside and out’, the twins revived their father’s formula, establishing the Dr Roebuck’s range to be an active skin care range that promises to be effective without reaction and without adding unnecessary fillers which can be harmful. 


The range quickly expanded to cover many aspects of skincare, but such fast & organic growth resulted in a product portfolio that lacked clarity. With Dr. Roebuck’s making noise overseas, we partnered with Zoe & Kim to bring focus to the brand and prepare it for an international launch.

Identifying the brand’s key assets and how to use them, consolidating ranges, streamlining packaging formats and tidying up the brand’s visual identity was key.

The result is a range that can easily accommodate new products, retailer exclusives and even ultra premium platforms, without diluting what makes Dr. Roebuck’s unique.