A collaboration with the De Luca family – creators of Australia’s finest Limoncello – to handcraft a limited edition piece that innovatively captures the spirit of both companies.

A traditional Italian liquor, Limoncello has long been crafted from secretly guarded family recipes handed down through generations, such as with the De Luca family.

Our inspiration came from the Mediterranean tradition of painting the base of lemon trees white to deter crawling insects from reaching the fruit. The name Dell’Albero literally meaning “Of the tree”.


Inspired by this clever technique, we sculpted a white ceramic base resembling the tree trunk. This base is an integral part of the design and provides a functional purpose by acting as both a stand and ‘chiller’ for the bottle when placed in the freezer prior to serving.

Two ceramic shot glasses accompany the cooler base and are shaped as the nodes of a tree branch. These can also be stored in the freezer for an icy cold nip.

A slender, frosted bottle highlights the vibrant hue of the Limoncello and is hand finished using traditional methods and materials The letterpressed labels give a further glimpse into the story and tradition behind Dell’ Albero Limoncello.