Corowa Distilling Co. founder Dean Druce, and his father Neil, have long shared a passion for quality whisky, and been fortunate enough to even spend time learning the craft from well known master distillers in Scotland.


In 2010, the father and son acquired an abandoned 1920’s flour mill in Corowa, NSW for only $1 on the premise that it would be restored to its former glory. After years of hard toil and a great eye for detail, the building now stands as a beautiful landmark and home to a hotel, restaurant and shop, drawing in thousands of visitors each year.


Still, the Druce’s wanted Corowa to stand for something even closer to their hearts... so their mission became to build a reputable destination distillery known for classic, premium quality, hand crafted whisky.

Last year, Dean and his master distiller Beau Schilig embarked on an explorative and experimental journey of distilling. Their first casks are now resting at Corowa, lining the ballroom where parties and weddings are held, awaiting maturation.


Meanwhile in a serious of fortuitous events, the Druce’s acquired a barrel from Sullivan’s Cove, unlucky barrel number 13 – which soon became known as the Bastard Barrel. 

Launching the Bastard Barrel as their inaugural whisky, the boys needed to build a brand around their unique story that would shake up the distilling world and put Corowa Distilling Co. on the map.

Like the Druce’s themselves, honest and real, we wanted to ensure the brand was crafted around one paramount belief: staying true – so we built it grounded around five pillars; the historic destination, established heritage, the passion of the family, the spirit of the distiller and the products.


The restored flour mill is also home to Corowa Chocolate Factory... does life get any better than when you have whisky and chocolate production under the same roof!