Revealing Brands is a filmed interview, talking to brand owners to obtain honest, raw and open insights into their brands and what makes them tick. We aim to get underneath the skin of brands, moving away from clichéd questions and the standard interview format. 

An element of surprise and chance as to what card is turned over leads to some interesting, raw and insightful answers that you struggle to tease out from the set of typical interview questions.


Brand owners are interviewed in a unique and creative manner. A set of 26 cards is sent to each interviewee. Each card contains a single word – a powerful prompt to which the interviewee will respond spontaneously within the context of their brand and business.


The interview process will begin with a short filmed interview, a basic introduction with information about the brand. The brand owner will then shuffle the cards, and lay out nine on the tabletop, turning over three. Stay tuned for some extremely candid and insightful interviews.

EP08 / T2 / Jan O'Connor

EP07 / QCD Boards / Todd Quigley

EP06 / Bilpin Cider Co. / Sean Prendergast

EP05 / Gelato Messina / Nick Palumbo

EP04 / Young Henrys / Richard Adamson

EP03 / Endeavour Beer / Ben Kooyman

EP02 / Emma & Tom’s / Tom Griffith

EP01 / Pollinate / Howard Parry-Husbands