Archibald Bell already had a reputation as a bushman and adventurer, when in 1823 he forged a stock route across the unforgiving Blue Mountains through what is today known as Bilpin.

On his return, he spoke of Bilpin’s rich & fertile soil which led to the region being established as Australia’s leading boutique apple growing region – “The Land of the Mountain Apple”.

This premium cloudy apple cider has been crafted to honor Archibald’s pioneering spirit and his love for doing things differently. 

A man who lived a life of adventure, every line on his face tells a story.

Inspired by the topographic maps of the Blue Mountains area, Archibald’s portrait is a tangled mess of linework. Scratched and scuffed, it captures the grit and determination of a young explorer looking to make a name for himself in a hostile wilderness. 

Building on the Bilpin brand positioning as a boutique apple growing region located in the Blue Mountains and staying true to the brands rich history, heritage and quality, Bilpin Archibald Cloudy Apple Cider was born. 

At a premium price point, Bilpin Archibald is targeted at those consumers who want a quality craft cider, that is unique and rich in its own history and isn’t another ‘me too’ in a sea of sameness.