We spend the best part of everyday at work, so let’s at least create fun places to hang out. Spaces that inspire, generate energy, and tease out ideas to benefit you and your brands.

In true Boldinc style, we rolled up our sleeves to create spaces that reflect our values and the eclectic mix of people that make up the Boldinc fabric. What began as a blank canvas slowly came to life to capture Boldinc’s soul. 

We talk about being “real” to our clients with their brands and we apply the same to our own brand. The use of contrasting “real” materials gives a sense of grounding and warmth that you can just “feel” when you walk in to a Boldinc studio. 

We transfer the same warmth and “reality” into our brands and our work. Pop in and see for yourself. You can also get a behind the scenes peak here...